What Happens If I Die Without A Will?

Individuals who fail to plan for the future can end up causing their loved ones unnecessary time and expense. After a death, a person's assets and property go through the court process called probate. For those who die without a will, it can be costly and extensive.

Some assets go through probate, and depending on the circumstances, some property also does not have to go through probate. When handling the affairs of a loved one, choose Ingle Law Office in Corydon, Indiana, for assistance throughout the process of probating a will.

Planning For The Future And To Protect Your Assets

Throughout my law career, I've helped many families whose loved one put off writing a will or long-term care planning. Unfortunately, those relatives have been the ones to suffer due to the reluctance of another.

I like to refer to estate planning as "asset protection." Do you want to see everything you have worked your entire life for drilled down to pennies? Putting a plan in place now can protect your hard-earned money and property.

Asset protection is about more than wills and trusts. Medicaid planning also is necessary to ensure your entire estate does not go for the cost of your health care in your later life.

For An Experienced Estate Planning Attorney, Look No Further

The deeply personal, emotional matter of planning for your long-term health needs and what will happen to your assets and property requires an attorney you can trust. A lawyer with decades of experience helping others do the same.

I, Gordon Ingle, am that attorney. In practice since 1986, I have built a successful legal practice over the decades and a hard-earned, well-respected reputation. I also can assist you in family law matters. Serving individuals in Floyd County and Clark County.

Call my firm in Corydon at 812-572-4901. You also have the option of sending an email to get in touch regarding scheduling a consultation.